Pauline McGee artist

St. Cyrus – simply inspirational

10 October 2018

Root and rocks, St. Cyrus beach            

An amazing weekend spent at St. Cyrus in the camper van was just what I needed to warm my heart and feed my soul. The beach is one of those truly Scottish beauties with white sand running for miles and at this time of year is relatively empty of people. Staff and volunteers from the nature reserve do a fantastic job in clearing the beach of plastic and other debris so it’s great to appreciate this special place in all its glory while knowing nature is being given its rightful place.

The tides leave behind an abundance of driftwood - an artists dream to prowl amongst. Huge trees have managed to wash themselves up here too and install themselves all along the beach, individually creating beautiful sculptural forms.

Back up over the cliff and driving out of St. Cyrus we came across a beautiful field full of wild flowers in bloom which was just as breathtaking - in a different way.

Needless to say I’m very inspired now and been busy in my studio but cant wait for my next visit, no matter what the weather is doing.

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