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A different kind of studio day

16 January 2019

Which one's witch?

I’m very grateful to my friend George Logan (designer of this website) for sharing his artistry and knowledge of photography and for being patient with my lack of skills with the camera. A day in the studio photographing Assemblages with George gave me a lot to think about and a different slant on how to present my work.

I love my wee Lumix camera but click its button too readily without considering the outcome. Good quality photographs of art work are essential for promoting work but the capabilities of the camera in assisting me with outcomes have been sadly overlooked. George highlighted settings on the camera I hadn’t known existed and made me consider lighting and placement of art for the best outcome. Assemblages, for example, can be difficult as any object creates shadows which can really influence detail, depth and colour.

Normally I take art work outdoors to photograph which is not necessarily best practice, particularly when our weather is an ever changing factor.  So it’s back to basics for me reading the camera manual and attempting to pay as much attention to the photo recording the art work as the work itself.

Thanks George and I hope I find the patience to persevere in developing photography skills.


       Which one's witch?

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