Pauline McGee artist

​100 Four Letter Words

03 November 2019

Grow   Land   Bees 

Root  Rust  Leaf  

I am currently producing 100 small art works as a fundraising project for Guernsey Society for Cancer Relief. Money raised from sale of the paintings will all go directly to the charity.  A selection of the work is on the main Paintings page.

The exhibition and sale of work will take place in Guernsey, Chanel Islands, at the beginning of next year.

Those diagnosed with cancer, their family and friends can experience endless feelings of despair and helplessness. We can feel lost for words and actions that offer comfort, meaning and hope leading to spirals of despair and isolation. Four letter swear words of anger are useful at times but can bind us up in negative thinking and further isolation. There are however plenty of four letter words that are positive, bond us and keep us together on this difficult path, four letter words that can inspire, guide us and allow us to pay attention to the whole creative world around us.

Many thanks to all of my family and friends who have been so supportive, encouraging and imaginative in supplying me with words, wonderful poems and ideas that spur me on daily in the studio. You are all amazing! 

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